Thomas Joseph Wilson, Private 11350 Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Joined the RDF and went with 2nd Battalion to France 23 Aug 1914, and must have been captured in the retreat from Mons. He was the last man to join the Irish Brigade and was the only recruit that Monteith managed to get. This would have been Nov 1915.

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On MI5 files with this service number. Casement records him as a labourer before enlistment.

1896 Aug 6 born Dublin

1901 census living at Wards Hill, Dublin.

1911 census living at Wards Hill, Dublin.

1912 Enlisted. His service number points to an enlistment in Aug 1912. He would have been 16 then.

1914 Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

1914 Dec. Keogh tells of an incidentat Sennelager Camp, that was Wilson ("This Irishman is still I believe a sergeant in the Irish National Army. He was also a member of Casement's Irish Brigade" and Wilson is the only man he names a such a sergeant anywhere in his memoirs) Keogh says that "Mac" gave a sound hammering to a British Sergeant at Sennelager who he caught red-handed cutting the megre daily sausage ration for the men. The senior Britsh NCO, Sgt Major Wells of Manchester, handed "Mac" a weeks field punishment of being tied to a tree for 2 to 3 hours a day in all weathers. This would appear to be 90232 Sjt. G. Wells, C/51st Bde., R.F.A. .(Stockton). who got his DCM in Jan 1920 as part of POW awards, but one cannot be certain

1915 He was the last of the recruits for the Irish Brigade, being the only man recruited by Monteih in autumn 1915, after the other 55 men had already transferred to Zossen.

1915 Oct 25. In answer to a question, gave his Ireland address as Horseman, Francis St, Dublin. Another place he gives his mother at New St, Dublin

1916 Jan Volunteered for service in Egypt

Zerhusen says when at Danzig he was constantly working (Zerhusen only gives the constantly working accolade to 3 other men)

Roth records that Wilson had a German wife and 2 children by her, and O'Toole says the same thing

1920 Feb 3. He re-joined the British Army in the RASC

Thomas Wilson had his medals forfeited when he came under suspicion as having joined the Irish Brigade,but they were later restored. I doubt that the British Government would have restored them unless he had felt strongly enough to appeal. He was living at 167 Downpatrick Rd, Crumlin, Dublin when he had his medals restored. Downpatrick Road, where he was living when his medals were restored, was only built around 1937, hence not in 1911 census at that address.

His medals, originally forfeit, were restored in 1950 and the 1914 Star in 1951. The British Army seems to have accepted the view that Wilson joined because he had got a local girl ‘into trouble’ whilst out working as a POW (see National Archive notes).

He was a Sgt in Irish Defence Forces

1935 Aug 5. Attends Casement memorial service in Dublin

Michael Keogh, Thomas Wilson, Kevin Keogh (Michael Keogh's son)

This photograph taken in the 1950's in the old Kilgobbin Cemetery, Sandyford. The man in the middle of Michael and Kevin Keogh is Private Wilson of the Brigade. The grave is that of Roger Casement's mother.

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