Thomas Tracey (or Treacy) 5588 Royal Irish Regt.

medal card treacy

A name that has many variations in spelling, and the army uses two different spellings on his medal cards. This is right service no from Roll

Keogh has him as Thomas Tracey, a big six footer from Tipperary. In another reference Keogh has him as Thomas Tracey of Royal Irish Regiment. Tracey supervised the Irishmen's mascot, a red-haired terrier called Rebel, who enjoyed catching the many rats in Zossen camp. Casement just has him down as previously a labourer. One would expect him to be in Royal Irish Regt if he came from Tipperary. Mahoney also has him as "Tracy T, Royal Irish "

The police report from Roscrea gives his name and service number. The police say he has not lived in Roscrea since before 1910, but that his father an old age pensioner, born about 1833, still lives there in a lodging house.Thomas Treacy himself used to work for farmers at Templemore and Borrisoleigh. (a Treacy family site shows 1930s? The death of Mr. T. Treacy, ex-national school teacher, aged 92 Ballyganny? Munster. This is probably the Thomas who died in 1926, on state registers, and age would be right)

His Egypt List entry says aged 35, so born circa 1879/1880 in Thurles

1875 a Thomas Treacy was baptised at Roscrea parish

1895 his service number suggests he enlisted late in 1895, This would point to a birth 1878 to 1880, which would tally with his father's age.

1901 census Thomas Tracey is at 8 Chapel Street, Latteragh, Tipperary with his family

1911 census. I cannot find him, but this is his family with his father given as a pensioner and ex-National School teacher. The age is correct and he is a pensioner, as described in the police report. That family are living at Toomyvara Town, Latteragh, Tipperary which is 12 miles NE of Thurles

1911 census treacy family

1914 Aug 26. He landed in France

1914 Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

1915 Oct. He gives his address as Quarry St, Thurles

1915 Dec he did not volunteer for Egypt

1919 Jan 1, given a class Z discharge from the army. So he must have been repatriated very quickly after the armistice and not suffered any come back on his Irish Brigade service.

1935 Aug 5. Attends Casement memorial service in Dublin


Dead by 1960

Recruits to Irish Brigade