7895 Pte Joseph Stacey, Royal Dublin Fusiliers

Joseph Stacey RDF

This is the man in the Roll Book.Named as having joined Irish Brigade by Private Higgins in his debrief, Stacey deserted 28 May 1919. On MI5 files with this service number.Service number correct on roll. He is cited as a "liftsman" when he enlisted. And born Dublin. His parents are dead by 1915 and his next of kin are 2 brothers living in Dublin. Keogh has him as coming from Dublin.

1884 born Dublin circa from enlistment date and 1901 census and Roll

1901 census has this man Joseph aged 17 who could be our man. Living with his family at Handkerchief Alley, Merchants Quay, Dublin

1902. Service number indicates enlisting early in 1902.

1911 census does not have him. I can only conclude he is one of the many SJs only referred to by initials in the Irish Census who were living in Barracks. The George and William from 1901 census are living at Newmarket Street, Merchants Quay, Dublin, but not Joseph.

1914 captured, taken to Germany and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig.

1915 Oct 25. In answer to a question, gave his Ireland address as care of his broter C Stacey, 10 Marks Alley, Francis St, Dublin

1915 Dec. Refused to volunteer for Egypt

1918 May 20. Zerhusen writes to Gaffney about problems, among them that Keogh stole money from Stacey and Granaghan. (Granaghan later writes to Gaffnay saying that Keogh did not steal his money)

1919 May 28. Posted as a deserter. O'Toole believed that Stacey stayed on around Stolp.

1935 Aug 5. Attends Casement memorial service in Dublin

1936 November. Those from the Irish Brigade who attended O'Toole's funeral were Keogh, Kavanagh, Dowling M, Wilson and Stacey

Died 1960 on Keogh's notes

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