Robert Scanlon/Scanlan 7576 Private in 2 Royal Irish Rifles

scanlon, Casement recruit

From Roll, where he is Scanlon. He is on Casements list as previously a boilermaker. And is the only man not on Keogh's list. But both Casement, Mahony and the Americans include him. He appears to have been shot during the German post war revolution in 1919

Police Gazette of 8 Oct 1919 gives 7576 as R Scanlon born Portadown circa 1886

I cannot find his pre army life. From Irish Brigade records and Police Gazette: -

The only Armagh birth of a Robert Scanlon is at Drumnamether, Tandragee, Portadown,on 25 May 1889. It fits few of the clues about our Robert Scalon, apart from being born in Armagh

There is a Robert George Scanlon of the right age married in Belfast in 1913. He was at Ghent St which appears to be about a mile from Linfield St

1904 Jul 27. enlisted in Royal Irish Rifles (Bailey with a service number 7483 enlisted April 1904, and Scanlon's number was 7576). This is on his birthday, assuming the birthday he gave in Germany was correct.

1904 Nov 11. DCM at Belfast for desertion and loss of equipment: 21 days detention and stoppages.

1911 census. 2nd Royal Irish Rifles were stationed at Dover. But he is not there

1914 Aug 5. Mobiliased.

1914 Aug 14, landed in France with 2nd R Irish Rifles

1914 Sep 20. Captured, taken to Limburg and joins Casements Irish Brigade.

Casements trial documents quote an ex-prisoner William Egan gave evidence that Bailey ( who landed with Casement at Banna Strand) joined the Irish Brigade along with Greer and Scanlan from the Royal Irish Rifles. On MI5 files with this service number and in a section dealing with postal censorship in a booklet titled "Forms Issued in Connection with the Work of The Central Prisoners of War Committee" published by the British Red Cross and Order of St John in 1917, they give this service number in a list of men known to have joined the Irish Brigade

1915 Jun 26. moved on to Zossen and then Danzig with the Irish Brigade

1915 Oct 25. In answer to a question, gave his Ireland address as Lingford (probably should be Linfied) St, Belfast. In another document he cites his sister Mrs Merrill, 89 Elder Gowan, Glasgow

1915 Dec. Volunteered for Egypt.

Zerhusen has Scanlon down as Monteith's batman

1918 Nov O'Toole says that Scanlon left Danzig with a girl and he never saw him after that.

1919 Mar/Jun. Reported as shot during the German revolution - the report is from John Murphy "late Connaught Rangers". Given that Murphy was in army custody in Germany in June 1919, from his service record it would look as if Scanlan's death was in March to June 1919, but there is no CWGC for him. Murphy and Daly were discharged together and one could surmise that they were both witness to Scanlan's death.

scanlan's death

Sir, Kindly let me know the date of arrival in the United Kingdom, also the port at which you disembarked. With reference to your statement regarding the death of 7576 Pte Scanlon, Royal Irish Rifles, who had been shot during the revolution, please let me know as soon as possible the date of his death. Please reply early, as this information is urgently required by the War Office. Stamped addressed envelope herewith. Yours Faithfully,

1919 Oct 28. The Police Gazette, listed him as being a deserter from 30.9.1919 (probably based on the date information was received), born Portadown, Co. Armagh, enlisted at Belfast 27.7.1904, 5 foot 4 inches, sallow complexion, dark brown hair, brown eyes, tattooed forearms, labourer, aged 33 years 6 months.

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