(John) Daniel Murphy, 7644 2nd Connaught Rangers

john murphy medal card

He is on the list of Connaught Ranger prisoners who went to Zossen, which shows that this is the right man. His service record shows that he was an alcoholic, and in fact may have been the first of Monteith's two batmen, the one who got drunk and passed out on Monteith's bed fully clad, with his muddy boots on. In places I am unclear as to which of the two Murphys is being referred to Keogh has "Pat Murphy from Belfast, the oldest man in the Brigade" Neither of the two Murphys in the Brigade were called Pat, but this man was born in Lurgan but if born 1883 he could not have been the oldest man in the Brigade. And in fact Treacy and Waters are older than either of the Murphys.

The Brigade Roll Book gives him born Belfast circa 1883 and shows that this is the right service number

1883 Born St Peters Parish, Lurgan. The birth that fits with his declared age on joining the army is John Murphy, Registration district: Banbridge, Apr - Jun 1883, Volume: 1 Page: 173. His attestation gives his birth as Lurgan

1891 census has the family living at 48 Cornwall St, Govan. And all are down as Glasgow born, including the parents. They are not in 1881 census

1901 cenus has John Murphy aged 18, an apprentice Marine Engineer, living at 3 Elphinstone St, Govan, Lanarkshire. He has born Glasgow, age 18. In fact the whole household is down as Glasgow born.The household comprises

1902 Dec 10. Joined Connaught Rangers in Glasgow. Aged 19 years 9 months and a labourer. Fresh complexion, blue eyes, brown hair. 5ft 4 inches and 117 lbs. He had a tattoo on the front of his left forearm. His next of kin is his father Patrick Murphy of 21 Hamilton St, Govan, Glasgow. However a letter sent to him at this name and 19 Hamilton St, was returned to War Office saying it was not for him in 1914 when POW news was sent. Envelope shows no P Murphy at number 21 on this date. His service record that survives.

1903 Nov 30 Athlone. Absent without leave, handing himself in to Rocommon police on 1 Dec 1903. Drunk when a prisoner under escort. Sentenced 7 days confined to barracks

1903 Dec 10 Breaking out, absence and bad language earns him 96 hours Hard Labour

1904 Feb 5 posted to India

1905 May 10. Ahmednagar. Drunk in H Coys Bungalow at tattoo. Admolished.

1905 Dec 25. Ahmednagar Quiting his guard without permission, drunk. Fined 2/6d and 10 days confined to barracks.

1906 Jan 9. Ahmednagar Drunk in the Suddar Bazzar aboout 8.45 pm. Fined 7/6d

1906 Apr 10. Ahmednagar Absent from Company officer's parade at 7pm. 7 days confined to barracks.

1906 Aug 28. Ahmednagar Threatening to assault Assisant Surgeon R E Nery. 14 days Hard Labour

1907 Feb 20. Refusing to obey an order. 7 days confined to barracks.

1908 Jun 6. Improperly dressed. 7 days confined to barracks.

1909 Feb 18. Rawlpindi, Ambala. Drunk and improperly dressed. Resisting escort. 10 days confined to barracks and fined 5/0d.

1909 Aug 10. Drunk in barracks. Fined 7/6d.

1909 Oct 18. Ambala. Drunk and improperly dressed at the Assault at Arms. Resisting arrest. Fined 5/0d and 10 days confined to barracks.

1909 Aug 8. Drunk in barracks about 9pm. Fined 7/6d

1910 serving with 1st battalion in Dagshai

1911 Census I suspect that he is incorrectly born in Dublin in 1883. The details recorded are Private John Murphy, 1st Bn The Connaught Rangers at Gough Barracks, Ferozepore, Punjab, India.

1911 Aug 5. Quitting hospital without permision while a patient. 5 days confined to barracks.

1913 Dec 10 on home posting from India

1914 Jan 16 Aldershot. Absent from 6am to 9.40pm. Absent from parade at 8.40 am. Breaking out of barracks after tattoo. 10 days confined to barracks.

One wonders if this is him in group photo, given the bottle

1914 Jun 18 In hospital in Aldershot suffering from alcoholism "slight attack of DTs"

1914 Aug 13 arrives in France with BEF

1914 Aug 26 reported missing, presumed POW. On a list of 2nd Connaught prisoners sent to Zossen 7644 Private J Murphy, 21 Hamilton St, Govan, Glasgow. They only went to Zossen if they had joined the Irish Brigade.

1914 Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

1915 Oct 25. He gave his address as 12 Green St, Belfast

1916 Jan Volunteered for service in Egypt

1916 Feb 22. Instructs Arny that they can deduct from his pay 9d per day for Jeremiah O'Callaghan, Bridewell Lane, Mallow. This is the father of Jeremiah O'Callaghan and Michael O'Callighan, both in the Irish Brigade. The date is indistinct, but looks like 22 Feb 1916 and permission is from date of mobilisation. I have no idea how or why this came about.

1918 Sep Already the British Army is circulating a letter saying they wish to interview him at the end of the war, due to his conduct while a POW.

1919 Feb 21 He is at Tutzig, where he sees the death of Patrick Sweeney

1919 May he took part in the fighting in Munich (on Mahony's statement). "Besides McDonagh, I heard from Murphy, D, (sic) of the Connaught Rangers that he was also in the fight". I think that this infact refers to this man, who is the Connaught Ranger.

1919 Jul 25. He is released from arrest in Germany and ordered to report to regimental depot

1919 July 30 Back in Ireland.

1919 Aug 6 Leaves the army, discharged under para 392 (xi) of Kings Regulations which is "For misconduct". He had also been noted as an alcoholic on his reports.

1919 Nov 24. Copy of envelope army sent to him and it was returned. "Mr J Murphy, Late Connaught Rangers, Soldiers Home, Parkgate Street, Dublin" They are urgently requesting information from him, first sent 11 Sep 1919 about the death of Scanlan another of the Irish Brigade men.

death of Scanlon rported

Sir, Kindly let me know the date of arrival in the United Kingdom, also the port at which you disembarked. With reference to your statement regarding the death of 7576 Pte Scanlon, Royal Irish Rifles, who had been shot during the revolution, please let me know as soon as possible the date of his death. Please reply early, as this information is urgently required by the War Office. Stamped addressed envelope herewith. Yours Faithfully,

1926 Death of Daniel Murphy in Dublin South, death registered Apr - Jun 1926, Estimated Birth Year: 1875, Age (at Death): 51 Volume: 2, Page : 348. Keogh believes that "Patrick Murphy, born, Belfast" died in St James St Workhouse, Dublin. Buried in a paupers grave according to Keogh. Murphy, who was an alcoholic, and might have been expected to die fairly soon after WW1 and in penuary.

1935 Aug 5. Attends Casement memorial service in Dublin

Recruits to Irish Brigade