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hlohan, irish brigade

Born Waterford (on his grave) No. 9877, Pte Patrick Holohan, C Company, 2nd Battalion, Royal Irish Regiment. Casement records his pre-enlistment job as being "Engineers Steward". Keogh notes that he came from Waterford, and was Keogh's batman. Having found his brother, married, in Waterford, one could get the marriage cert of the brother to get the parents. A tree on GenesReunited leads one to suspect one sister was called Anastadia (b1882) and that the father was John Holihan, b1847.

1891 Mar 17. his date of birth in Waterford. SDGW does say St Cannices, Kilkenny but they also say he died in 1918, but with this service number - while the MIC clearly says he died in 1916.

1901 census, his brother Michael is tracable as he is married, but not possible to find the single Patrick (Holihan is a name that has many varients in censuses)

1909 his service number implies an enlistment date of about Jun 1909, and hence implies a birth around 1892. But given his brother was born circa 1880 and that might be a better date to search for Patrick.

1911 census has his brother Michael living in New St, Waterford as on his medal card. Incorrectly written by the enumerator as "Hooligan"

There is no suitable candidate in 1911 Overseas Military.

Holohan deserted the British Army in India, and escaped by a German cargo boat, arriving at Marseilles in 1914. He re-entered the British Army under the general amnesty given to deserters. He was wounded and taken prisoner in Oct 1914, and ended up in Limburg

1914 Oct. Wounded and taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and died in Zossen

1915 Oct 25. Gives his address as 29 Terry Bank, Waterford.

1915 Nov 19. Hahn writes to Casement asking him to authorise the removal of a number of men for drunkeness and /or insubordination, adding that Dowling and Quinlisk agree with this request. He is on that list, but Casement did not act on it

1915 Dec 25. Monteith notes on Christmas Day 1915 " Pte. Holohan was having an argument with a bottle of proof rum"

Limburg (Lahan), Germany. 1st July, 1915.
Dear Madam—Just a line to let you know that I am a prisoner over here in Germany, and as I have no one belonging to me, and I believe you to be doing something for the Irish Prisoners, I would be thankful if you would do something for me as I am nine months a prisoner and have got nothing so far. Even to the underclothes that came for the Royal Irish I received but one pair of socks. I would be very thankful to you if you wrote to the “Waterford News” Office and ask them to put my name in the papers as I have got a sister, and I have written to her but got no reply and think she may think I am dead or wounded. I hope you won’t forget me, and I will be very thankful to you, as I have been under your husband as a Sergeant in the Royal Irish Regiment in India. I have no more to say at present. Hoping if your husband is at the front he may return home with good luck---I remain your respectful servant. P.Holohan.

He died in captivity 16 Mar 1916 at 17.45 and is buried in CWGC in Berlin. Only one other member of the Irish brigade died in captivity, that was Peter Carr in Sept 1918.There was a monument erected over his grave which stood until 1951. A local History Society located the grave and discovered a photo of the monument. Mahony writes that he died "under an operation", and Zerhusen says he had been ill for some time. Because the men had no rifles to fire a salute over his grave, they crossed their swords over the grave.

He gives next of kin as sister Mrs L M Carlson, Havelock, Nebraska

1916 Jan Volunteered for service in Egypt

1916 May 5. Forde writes to Gaffney telling him that he, Forde will write to Holohan's sister in the Lincoln, Nebraska, informing her of her brother's death.

By what seems to be an odd coincidence there are two Patrick Holohans buried apparently at Zossen.

Patrick Holohan died 16 Mar 1915
Rank: Private
Regiment/Service: Royal Irish Regiment
Unit Text: 1st Battalion.
Date of Death: 16/03/1915
Service No: 3130
Additional information: (Buried at the time in Zossen Communal Cemetery, Germany).
SDGW has him born St Mary's, Kilkenny; resident Tipp. Enlisted Tipp. Service record online at Ancestry. Lots of family info, enlisted 4th Battn Royal Irish Regt 1904 aged 18. No info re being a PoW; lots of info re being presumed dead as at 16/3/1915. MIC shows 1915 Star, BWM and VM. Entered theatre 25/1/1915.


Patrick Holohan died 16 Mar 1916
Rank: Private
Regiment/Service: Royal Irish Regiment
Unit Text: 2nd Bn.
Date of Death: 16/03/1916
Service No: 9877
Grave/Memorial Reference: Zassen Cem. Mem.
Ireland's casualties of WW1 has : 9877 as died of wounds France 26th March 1918. A Corporal (Lance Sergeant) from St Cannices's, Kilkenny. 2nd Battn Royal Irish Regt. Entry repeated in SDGW. Both give date of death as 1918. No service record online at Ancestry. MIC shows 1914 Star, BWM and VM. Died as PoW 16/3/1916 (not 1918 as per Ireland Cas and SDGW). Entered theatre 19/9/1914

This page written by Keogh gives some further details on Holohan' death

Holohan account of his life by Keogh

When he died his two living relations were given as a sister in Ireland and another in the USA.

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