Harte, Private 3690 Thomas - Leinster Regt

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His service is correct from Irish Brigade roll book. Photo of NCOs in Irish Brigade in Irish-American newspaper 'The Gaelic American' on 27 November 1915. was later given as this man - they were mistaken, he is not in that photo, though he was in the Irish Brigade. The identification being made by a returning POW and Irish Police. British Government point to him being transferred to Danzig

Keogh has him as Tom Harte from Tipperary. And Casement gives him as a labourer. The local police did not think much of him, stating that before joining up he had spent most of his time in gaol, drunkeness , robbery, larceny, assault on the police and disorderly conduct. He used to camp out at night with tramps and tinkers when he was not actually in gaol. His father is described by the police as a "tramp shoemaker" who is not often at his home in Roscrea. His mother, a charlady, and brother, a labourer, are given as of very good character.

1891 born Roscrea, Tipperary

1901 census only gives one Thomas Harte, of any age, in Tipperary, the man above, with his mother and brother at Chapel Lane St, Roscrea.

1911 Irish census has the family at Limerick Street, Roscrea,

1915 Feb 2 landed in France with the Leinsters

In early Feb 1915 the 1st Leinster battalion received a new draft of men from Cork. The 1/Leinsters came under attack on the 14 Feb when Trench 19a was overrun. 41 men were listed as missing.  The draft that arrived from Cork were not used in this action but kept in reserve until Trench 19a was overrun, whence they moved forward to the front line.

1915 Oct 25. In answer to a question, gave his Ireland address as Limerick Rd, Roscrea

1915 Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

1916 Jan Volunteered for service in Egypt

1918 Nov . O'Toole when he was debriefed gives a list of men whom he says left Danzig camp soon after the armistice, insisting on going to a POW camp in order to be transported home. He appears on O'Toole's list

1926 Feb 20 Sentenced for assault. The says he is working as a tinsmith. And that he is receiving a British pension

1926 Mar 20. Sentenced for assaulting his mother. He was just out of prison


Dead by 1960

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