John McGranaghan, Driver RGA 39861

Correct man from service number in Brigade Roll

Granaghan by Keogh

Taken at Zossen in late 1915

Roll of Irish Brigade in Zodden confirms service no. as on the MIC. Given by Keogh as John MacGranaghan. Labourer before enlisting. He was also noted as "useful in the boxing ring by Keogh". Mahoney has him as Grannaghan RGA. He appears in April 1916 pay list as Corporal Granaghan. His pre-war trade is listed as "electric car driver"

1892 Apr 23. Born Derry according to Roll. Father William (labourer), mother Annie, from Roll Book

1901 census gives him living at 1 Garfoyle Place, Waterside, Londonderry. This is the right family, parents William and Annie, but our man is "Willie" here

1911 census - I cannot find them

1914 Aug 16. Lands in France

1914 Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

1915 Oct. Gives 259 Sitters Row, Derry as his address.

1915 Dec Volunteered for Egypt

1915 Christmas. Zerhusen says he was disciplined for drunkeness

1918 Mar 30. Dowling and O'Toole exchange letters over petty differences. Among other things Dowling claims that he (Dowling), Hahn and Zerhusen managed to get Granaghan out of trouble

1918 May 20. Zerhusen writes to Gaffney about problems. Among them that Keogh stole money from Stacey and Granaghan. (Granaghan later writes to Gaffnay saying that Keogh did not steal his money)

1918 Sept. (the date is while Delamore and O'Toole are away on their courses, so it is probably about Sept/Oct1918) Kavanagh tells the story of Granaghan getting into a fight with some German sailors in a cafe in Danzig, and jumping into the river when knives were pulled. He swam back across the river, and recovered the next day to tell Kavanagh and Keogh what had happened.

1918 Nov. When the Brigade were leaving Danzig at the end of the war 2 men had to be released from the local jail - one was Granaghan

1918 Nov 15 circa. Kavanagh writes that he and Zerhusen went to Berlin, then on to to Munich where they met Keogh, Granaghan and Delamore. Kavanagh says after their meeting

1918 Nov . O'Toole when he was debriefed gives a list of men whom he says left Danzig camp soon after the armistice, insisting on going to a POW camp in order to be transported home. He appears on O'Toole's list

Keogh has him as still alive in 1960.

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