Thomas Donoghue, Private 10161 S Lancs Regt

Keoghs notes on Donoghue

Keoghs notes on Donoghue

He was a glassmaker before he enlisted on Casements notes. A WO prisoner report puts him in S Lancs, 2nd battalion. The other man Keogh ascribes to St Helens, James McCabe, was also in South Lancashires. Fingered by Private F Byrne of 2nd South Lancs in a POW interview. McDonagh calls him Irish/English, one of 3 he call this. His Egypt List says he is 23, suggesting a birth in 1892. The Roll shows this is the right man.

Currently the evidence is pointing to Thomas Donoghue 1


1880 Mar 29 Marriage of John Donoghue  to Kate Simms at Parr St Peter, Prescot Reg District. John described as Above age, Glass Maker, bachelor of Parr. Father named as Patrick Donaghue Labourer. Kate is 19 spinster of Parr - father Joseph Simms, Watch Maker. Both bride and groom sign with X

1888 There is one Thomas Donaghue on Lan-opc, b 2nd Dec 1888, baptised 3rd february 1889 at St Mary The Virgin, Prescot, Lancashire as John Thomas Donahoe. Son of Thomas and Margaret Donahoe, Moss Street, Prescot Thomas was a collier. Thomas Donahoe aged 22 of 4 North Court Street, Prescot married Margaret Bibby aged 21 of 3 Court Moss Street, Prescot on 27th August 1888 at St Mary The Virgin,Prescot. Thomas`s father deceased, Margarets father George Bibby. Witness James Donahoe and Ellen Bibby.....probably siblings of bride and groom. Siblings of Thomas b 1888 and all baptised in same family church, St Mary The Virgin,Prescot,Lancashire. Alfred b 21st dec 1891. Margaret b 29th July 1893. Walter b 23rd October 1898....But the 1901 census proves that this is not my man, as the John Thomas and sibblings are still at home. The Thomas in 7 Crook St, St Helens is not connected with them. Further this man enlists in S Lancs and his record survives, certainly not him

1890 Apr 23. Thomas Donohoe registered birth ref Prescot 8b, 704

1891 census living at 47 Campbell Street, St Helens. John Donoughe (aged 32, Sheet Glass Blower b Liverpool) and Katherine ( his wife, aged 31, b Whiston) and children Mary Ellen d 10, John s 9, Katherine d 5, Janey d 3, Thomas s 11 months, All children born St Helens. The fact that they are in St Helens and the father is a glassblower indicates that this is a strong possibility.

1901 census living at 7 Crook St, St Helens with his married sister. The fact that he is an apprentice bottle maker shows that this could be the right man. By the 1911 census the Ansby family have moved to Bolton

1911 census. There is a Thomas Donoghue living as a boarder at 24 Market St St Helens Lancashire. It is difficult to see if that is him and his father or not.

Nothing comes up in the Institutional section of 1911 census that might indicate that he had enlisted at this date.

1913 Dec. Thomas Donoghue, 10161, 2/SLR - This number was issued in late December 1913.

1914 Aug 8 lands in France

1914 Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

Welterweight champion boxer

1916 He did volunteer for Egypt

Gives next of kin, mother Mrs K O'Donaghue, 63 Silkstone (or could be Silverstone) St, St Helens, Lancs.

1918 Nov/Dec. Quinlisk says that at the end of the war 10 men volunteered for normal POW camp and were taken away. He says that the men who remained at Dirschau were "betrayed by a comrade, a Lancashire Irishman, who went to Danzig and interviewed the commander of some British gunboat and accompanied a guard in motors to Dirschau, where the Irish were rounded up and transported on a battleship to England" This points to James Carr or Thomas Donoghue or James McCabe as the man involved - James Carr was involved in the death of Sweeney in Bavaria some time later, so the culprit would appear to be Donaghue or McCabe

O'Toole says that Donoghue and W McGrath were either captured or gave themselves up to the British marines in Danzig at end 1918 or early 1919 were taken home

1920 Apr 20 Clasp and Roses for his 1914 Star were issued. Indicative of his not having had his medals forfeited, and being in good odour with the British Army

The S Lancs Regt museum only have what I already have.

Sheenah Collins has this information on her great uncle Thomas Donoghue

Dead by 1960

Recruits to Irish Brigade