Corporal "Patrick" Delamore, born Harold Percy Delamore

Taken at Zossen in late 1915

An photo that he sent to Gaffney 27 Sept 1917

It turns out that his real name was Harold Percy Delamore, who went under the name Patrick Delamore in the Irish Brigade, presumably as it sounded more "Irish". Roll of Irish Brigade in Zodden confirms service number. His service record still exists, and although badly burned, one can see that this is our man, and get details of his army career.Presumably on the strength of being an NCO in British Army he became a Corporal in Irish brigade and is in April 1916 pay list as such

22 Jan 1893 born Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes, Wiltshire. The family is in the 1891 census in Le Marchant Barracks, Devizes before his birth. His father is Edward Delamore, b Lancaster 1865 and a Private in Wiltshire Regt, mother Anastasia (nee Doolan) b1866 in Guernsey, and they have 4 children, aged in 1891 at 4, 3, 2, 1 years. Adrienne, William, Christopher, and John Francis. The first two were born in Guernsey, the third in Ireland and the last in Wiltshire. The family's connection with Ireland seems to come from his mother.

1901 Census. Anastasia died in 1895 and Edward (Joseph Edward) Delamore in 1897. Christopher, William and John were listed on the 1901 Irish Census whilst attending the Royal Hibernian Military College in Phoenix Park. Percy (under the name of Harold Delamore) was also listed in the 1901 Irish Census living with his mother's sister Caroline 'Kate' Langford and her husband soldier Thomas Langford.

Educated at Duke of Yorks Royal Military School and Royal Hibernian Military School. These were sister schools mainly for the orphaned children of soldiers. The Irish one was in Phoenix Park.

21 Jan 1907 Letter from Garrison School, Pontefract, certifying the he had attended the school for nearly 2 years previously.

6 April 1907 joins up as a boy soldier at Pontefract. He was a schoolboy before enlisting. His uncle and guardian, Thomas Langford, gave his consent to the enlistment. Stationed at Tidworth on enlistment. The remains of his service record are here.

18 Dec 1908 posted to Colchester

15 Nov 1909 Goes to Royal Military School of Music for training

20 Jun 1910 promoted to Bandsman

25 Nov 1910 posted to Aldershot

1911 census delamore

1911 census at Maida Barracks Aldershot, Pte Infantry Harold Percy Delamore 1st Bat Bedfordshire Regt. Musician, born Devizes, Wiltshire.

27 May 1913 promoted Lance-corporal

22 Aug 1913 reported to be "honest, hardworking and clean"

14 Aug 1914, embarked for France. He would have been in the Battles of Mons, Le Cateau, the retreat to Paris, the Marne and the Aisne (which was when he was captured).

15 Sep 1914 posted missing. The 1st Beds War Diary is here. On this day the battalion was in support in village of Missy. Heavily shelled with high explosive shell about midday also under Rifle fire. About 35 casualties in other ranks.

His next of kin are given as his brothers Michael Joseph Delamore (2nd Connaught Rangers), John Delamore (1st KO Yorks L I), Christopher (Royal Hibernian Military School)

1914 Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

20 Feb 1915 known to be POW at Doeberitz Camp

Named as "Patrick" in a report by Kavanagh and by Kavanagh, and Keogh. He was also noted as "useful in the boxing ring" by Keogh.

Monteith notes in his dairy that Delamore was a qualified Chiropodist and cared for the men's feet when they had problems due to lack of proper boots. I can only think that as a bandsman he received first aid training as part of a bandsmens' wartime role.

1915 July transferred to Zossen

1915 Dec 15 . Sore feet the order of the day. Applied for new boots for all hands, get a promise that the matter will be attended to. Find that Corpl. Delamore is a qualified Chiropodist and buy him an outfit in order to relieve the men.

1915 Dec 16. Men's feet much better thanks to Delamore's skill. Route march.

1916 July Transferred to Danzig

1918 O'Toole reports that Delamore is living with a married woman Frau Strauss

1918 June. After Dowlings arrest in Ireland in April 1918, O'Toole and Delamore were apparently going to be the next men to go by submarine to Ireland to try to establish a means of landing German arms on the west coast of Ireland. Kavanagh's memoir say that O'Toole and Delamore met a civilian called Herrr Schultz. a German official who came from Berlin to Danzig. Delamore was sent to Kiel Submarine base for the 3 week course the Dowling had undertaken, and O'Toole went to Berlin with Schultz where O'Toole underwent intensive training. O'Toole gave Kavanagh a detailed account of this training, and Kavanagh says that he is quoting from this account.

1918 Nov 15 circa. Kavanagh writes that he and Zerhusen went to Berlin, then on to to Munich where they met Keogh, Granaghan and Delamore. Kavanagh says after their meeting

1919 Sep 24 avoided repatriation, and posted as a deserter on this date. We know from Keogh's notes that he stayed on in Germany, employed as a musician in an orchestra

1921 Jan 6. The Army informs Delamore's sister that he will have to apply himself and not through her for information. She is Miss Ada Delamore, Oaklands, Manningham, Bradford

1924 Aug 18. He appears to have contacted a British Consul in Europe about getting a British passport. The army instructs the consul to inform Delamore that he is still in the British Army and would need to make a statement, and report to the Army in the event of him obtaining a passport and returning to England.

1924 Oct 24 A Protecting Certificate was issued to him by the army. It would appear that he returned to England at this point. Although a German source says there was an Irish Brigade member who was still a member of a German Orchestra in 1928. I would assume this was Delamore

hamburg 1934

1934 He is in a yearbook as being in Hamburg Orchestra, living at Grevenweg 73.

There is no Marriage nor Death recorded for him in England. Zerhusen says he married in Germany and died in Germany.

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