Davis. 3296 Private John in 1st Leinster Regt.

david casement irish brigade

Correct on Roll in Zossen. A labourer before enlisting. From Athy on Keogh's notes. Mahony has him in Leinsters. Also the British report Private John Davis (3296) attached 1st Leinster sent letter from Zossen and rumours he was in Irish Brigade - as he was in Zossen he had to be this man.

1892 Jan 7. born Gorey

1901 This would appear to be him at 9 Kelly's Lane, Athy

1911 census has his father, then a widower, living alone in Kelly's Lane, Athy. Our man is not in Overseas Military nor in "institutions" in England.

1915 Feb 1. He arives in France, fairly late by the standards of other Irish Brigade members, and must have been caprured almost immediately, as Casements recruiting stopped well before the men were transferred to Zossen in Jul 1915

In early Feb 1915 the 1st Leinster battalion received a new draft of men from Cork. The 1/Leinsters came under attack on the 14 Feb when Trench 19a was over-run. 41 men were listed as missing.  The draft that arrived from Cork were not used in this action but kept in reserve until Trench 19a was overrun, whence they moved forward to the front line.

Followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

1915 Oct 25. In answer to a question, gave his Ireland address as his mother Mrs M Davis, Chapel Hill, Athy

1916 Jan. He did volunteer for Egypt

1918 Nov . O'Toole when he was debriefed gives a list of men whom he says left Danzig camp soon after the armistice, insisting on going to a POW camp in order to be transported home. He appears on O'Toole's list

1919 Jun 18. Dismissed for misconduct

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