John Daly, 10123 Connaught Rangers

John Daly medal card

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Roll of Irish Brigade in Zossen confirms service no. This is certainly the right man and service number. He had a poor character before enlistment, according to the local RIC. And during his brief service before World War 1 started, he was convicted of theft and descertion. He did not volunteer for service in Egypt

1892 Jun 8. His service record indicates that this is is date of birth at Ballina. A farm labourer before he enlisted. Keogh has him as from Mayo. Born at Ballina, Mayo on his enlistment statement to the army. There are two John's births recorded in State Registers, in Mayo, one in 1886 and other in 1892. There is an 1891 birth in Mayo on IFHF

10123 Pte Daly John, Hill St, Ballina (BO2 1/62 written after name on a list of Connaught Rangers POWs) of Connaught Ranger POWs. His mother presumably has remarried as his records refer to a Mrs Ann Murray, Hill St, Wallina Cottages, Ballina. The remains of his service record are here . The RIC locally certainly did not think a lot of his character "an idle, worthless fellow" and "continually an inmate of the workhouse" and that his mother was "a widow of repured grossly immoral character. She has spent most of her time in gaol in recent years for larceny, drunkeness and kindred offence"

1901 census I cannot find him

1907 joined 3rd Battalion Special Reserve Connaught Rangers aged 17 years and 1 month old

1911 Feb 1 Joined Connaught Rangers. Brown eyes, brown hair. Fresh complexion, 5ft 3 inches. Aged 20 yrs and 3 months

1912 Apr 15 Appointed L/Cpl

1912 Nov 11 "Dep,d L/Cpl stripe"

1913 Feb 11. Absent without leave 8 days

1913 Feb 20 Tried and sentenced to 56 days detention for desertion and blastphamies

1913 Apr 17 returns to duty

1913 Sep 20 declared a deserter

1913 Oct 15 apprehended by civil power

1913 Oct 30 Tried and sentenced to 42 days detention, remitted to 21 days for confirming

1914 Aug 3 tried and sentenced to 14 days detention for stealing money. He is at Aldershot at the time

1914 Aug 14 arrives in France

1914 Aug 26 reported missing

1914 Sep 14 shell wound to right hand index finger, Presumably wounded on the day he was taken prisoner, and this is date his capture and wounding was reported by the Germans

1914 Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

1915 July goes to Zossen with rest of Irish Brigade.

1915 Oct 25. In answer to a question, gave his Ireland address as Hill St, Balina, Mayo.

1915 Nov 25 writes to allow 6d a day from his pay to go to .

1916 Jan Did not volunteer for service in Egypt

1916 Oct 24. Daly overpowered by gas at sugar factory and taken to hospital, where he spent 6 weeks.

1917 Mar 12. Hahn to Gaffney. There are only about 30 men out at work, and there always seem to be about 24 in the camp. He records debts for Thomas McGrath, McMahon and Daly (who had been sick for 6 weeks in hospital in Dirschau)

1917 Aug 17. Daly writes to Gaffney asking for a pair of boots.

1919 Feb 16. repatriated to UK and posted to depot

1919 Apr 18 Leave officially extended to May 28

1919 Jun 10. Connaught Rangers discharge him for misconduct at the same time as John Murphy.

1919 Jun 17 The Army are having problems getting him back. They are considering send an escort to get him

daly discharge

1928 Feb 13 applies for medals but is turned down. Then at St Mary's Hospital, County Home, Castlebar, Mayo

Pension Applicaton File relates to John Daly's application for compensation as an ex-member of the Connaught Rangers who participated in the mutiny in India in 1920. File contains form showing 'Particulars supplied by persons who were in receipt of British Army Pensions - whether payable by the War Office or by the Ministry of Pensions - and whose pensions were forfeited or withdrawn by reason of their participation in the armed conflict in Ireland that started in April 1916'. Applicant applied under the Army Pensions Act, 1932 but no evidence was found as to any disease contracted during service. He also applies under the Connaught Rangers (Pensions) Act, 1936. Applicant claims for compensation in respect of service in Casement's Brigade, however this case could not be considered under the terms of the Connaught Rangers Act. In October 1940, his case under the Military Service Pensions Act, 1934 was still under review. - See more at:

1935 Jan 27 Service record shows something re-issued, but I cannot make out what.

dead by 1960

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