Michael Collins 11476 Royal Irish Fusiliers

Roll of Irish Brigade in Zossen confirms service no. 11476, born Dublin. Casements list just gives "labourer" before enlistment. Further Keogh's knowledge of the man is sketchy. Mahony has him as J Collins of Royal Irish Fusiliers. He is in fact be Michael Collins of Royal Irish Fusiliers. He arrived early in France, and forfeited his medals.

1890 Jan 18 born Dublin

1901 census. His father is an inspector of dairies for the Dublin Corporation.

1907 Aug. Service Number of 9289 implies an enlistment about Aug 1907, which in turn implies a birth around 1890

1911 census. Not possible to find a Michael Collins. His parents are still in Dublin

1914 Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

1915 Oct 25 Colour-Sergeant Kehoe sent a letter to Casement in which he says "This morning Quinlisk, Dowling, Collins and Keogh were in Berlin standing trial for the affair of the Algerians money. I was present and the trial was public. They were tried as Irish Prisoners of War, and not having a Consul to plead for them, they were sentenced to a fortnight's imprisonment. Dr Lehmann, the prosecutor said that if we made the customary appeal to the Kaiser, they would perhaps suffer a money fine instead of imprisonment" Casement had a bad tempered exchange of letters with the Germans as a result of them being tried as "prisoners of war" and refused to appeal. A little later he agreed to an appeal, but at that point the matter disappears from his correspondence.

1915 Oct. He gives his address as 3 West Place, Dublin

1916 Jan Mahony's statement says Collins did not volunteer for service in Egypt. Keogh lost touch with him, as Keogh lost touch with most men who did not volunteer for Egypt

1917 Jan 30. Hahn to Gaffney. Talks about "problem" men

Zerhusen says he worked at Stolp when at Danzig and was constantly worksd (Zerhusen only gives the constantly working accolade to 3 other men)

1918 Nov . O'Toole when he was debriefed gives a list of men whom he says left Danzig camp soon after the armistice, insisting on going to a POW camp in order to be transported home. He appears on O'Toole's list

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