Thomas Brandon, 10557 Royal Inniskilling Fus

Roll of Irish Brigade in Zossen confirms he was a member of the Irish Brigade, and had this service no. Behind the Wire web site gives a Brandon in Inniskillings from WO files. British Intelligence quotes Thomas Brandon with this service number in the Irish Brigade. Keogh has him from Derry. And Casement notes the Brandon was a labourer before joining the army. He volunteered for service in Egypt with the Irish Brigade if called upon.

1895 Dec 6. born in the parish of Templemore, Londonderry. He was the fifth son of the family, and presumably he did not see a future dealing in fish in Derry.

1901 census brandon

1901 census There is only one Brandon family and they have a son Thomas , so if he came from Derry, this is he

1911 census brandon

1911 census Again there is only one family of Brandon in Londonderry in 1911 census and they living at Donegal Place, Londonderry. The parents, Francis and Elizabeth Brandon have 8 children, but only 6 are living at home. The father Francis is a "fish dealer", Thomas is a fish dealer. This all agrees wityh his enlistment, so this is certainly him and his family.

1912 Mar 26. Joined the Territorial 3rd battalion of the Inniskillings with a service number of 3978. His service record with them has survived. He gaives his age at 18 years and 1 month, whereas he was 16 years and 1 month. The record shows that he goes on to become 10557 in the Regulars.

1913 Oct 6. He enlists as a regular. His service number cofirms this date (he was transferred from the territorial 3rd battalion). He is living at 26 Donegal Place, Londonderry when he enlists. And his police reference shows that he worked for a Fish Dealer. He is described by the RIC as quiet, industrious, of good character, and from an respectible family.

1914 Aug 23. Landed in France

1914 Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig . His roll entry says his father is dead in 1915, but his mother alive.

1915 Oct 24. Bandon had 2 weeks under arrest for refusing to obey an order.

1915 Nov 19. Hahn writes to Casement asking him to authorise the removal of a number of men for drunkeness and /or insubordination, adding that Dowling and Quinlisk agree with this request. He is on that list, but Casement did not act on it

1916 Jan Volunteered for service in Egypt

1919 May 28 Extends his period of service in the British army. So he was back in the fold by then

1931 His 1914 Srar was issued

Still alive 1960 according to Casement.

Casements Irish Brigade Recruits