Berry, 6858 Private James - Leinster Regt

Berry, Irish Brigade
berry medal card

James Berry is on the left, the other man is not known

Roll of Irish Brigade in Zossen confirms this man with this service number. Keogh says he comes from Tullamore. Casement has him as a labourer before enlisting. During his time in the Irish Brigade he kept a low profile Though he did volunteer to go to Egypt if called upon.

1887 Jan 19. Roll Book list says he was born in Tullamore. So he would probably be James Berry born Tullamore Jan - Mar 1887, vol 3 page 580.

1901 Irish Census living at 6 Crow St, Tullamore. This is the right man from his service record

1901 census james berry tullamore

1903 Jan 2. He enlisted in Birr, claiming to be 18, when in fact he was not quite 16. He was my Grandfather . He joined up in Tullamore aged 16, his mother was enraged and eventually bought him out, so he joined up again when he was 18.

1903 Apr 9 Posted to South Africa

1906 Jan 23. Posted to Mauritius

1907 Oct 26. Posted to India

1908 Dec 3. Appointed a Bandsman in the Leincesters

1910 Mar 26. Given 3 days in gaol for "uttering counterfeit coin"

1911 Jan 6. Posted back to UK

1911 Jan 11. Transfered to Army Reserve

1911 I cannot find him in census

1914 Aug 6. Mobilised

1914 Sep 10. Posted to British Expeditionary Force in France. The 2nd Battalion Leinsters, during the October - Dec 1914 was associated with Meteren and Premseques in the Battle of Aementieres.

1914 Oct 18/20. Taken prisoner, and followed the rest of the Irish Brigade through Limburg, Zossen and Danzig

The Irish Brigade Roll says his mother was dead in 1915 and his father was living

1916 Jan Volunteered for service in Egypt

O'Toole says that that he married a German girl from Dirschau

1919 Feb 27. Gives himself up to British authorities, and is taken back to UK

1919 Dec 19. Discharged as no longer physically for for War Service. He went to an address in Leeds.

He appears to have stayed in England after the war, as the address given for his medals was at Ellerton, Yorkshire. Ellerton is a village in the East Riding of Yorkshire, 8 miles south west of the market town of Pocklington. Together with Aughton it forms the civil parish of Ellerton and Aughton. I cannot fathom his connection with East Riding of Yorkshire.

He married my grandmother in 1920 in Leeds and my mum was born the following year. He never lived in East Yorks,he had a sister living in Leeds who he stayed with, which is how he met my gran I presume. How can I check if he did marry a German girl. Youve got me wondering now!

1937 He died aged 50 in Leeds West Yorks.

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