Recruits to Casement's Irish Brigade

The Bureau of Military History in Dublin has the original Roll Book of the Irish Brigade, which appears to have been started when they moved to Zossen in summer 1915. The name of the only recruit after that in November 1915, Wilson, has been added at the end of the Roll. The 56 men on this list, is the correct figure for men who joined the Brigade.

One can use other lists, which usually agree with the roll except for the odd man that was missing at the time, or memory failed if it was drawn up after the event. However they do serve to add the odd useful fact on individuals

In addition a number did use an alias, like Bailey using "Beverley", and that only came to light as he went to Ireland in the submarine with Casement. Others have used false Christian names, probably to appear more Irish, where for example Delamore styles himself "Patrick" rather than "Harold Percy".

The regiments they served in were:-

The Deputy Attorney General (B Child) wrote to the Secretary of State on 18/4/1919:- “I feel the public generally will find themselves unable to understand why no action has been taken with a view to bringing these men to trial. There have been 2 questions on the subject (one in each House ). I suggest therefore that men who joined the Irish Brigade should be discharged forthwith for misconduct thus forfeiting their war gratuities and, if due for discharge, the 28 days furlough with pay and other advantages which are given to men who are demobilised.. It is a sad (not to say ignominious as far as we are concerned) ending to a disgraceful incident. I expect you would possibly desire a friendly question put up on the matter after their discharges have been carried out.”

But that attitude softed over time and some but not all were not discharged for "misconduct". Only 14 appear to have lost their medals in the end


Trade British Service No Regiment
1891 yes Sergeant Major Keogh Michael Machinist 10687 Private 2nd Royal Irish Regt  
1895 yes QM Sergeant Quinlisk Timothy Clerk 10435 Corporal 2nd Royal Irish Regt dismissed misconduct
1886 yes Sergeant Dowling Joseph Carpenter 8243 L/Cpl 2nd Connaught Rang medals forfeited
1887 yes Sergeant Bailey Daniel J Painter 7483 Private 2nd Royal Irish Rifles  
1889 yes Sergeant O'Toole Michael Clerk (Acct) 3964 Private Irish Guards  
1893 yes Corporal Delamore Harold P Musician 8988 L/Cpl . 1st Bedford Regt deserted,medals forfeit
1890 yes Corporal Kavanagh John Farrier

509 Private

South Irish Horse

1887 yes Corporal Granaghan John Labourer 39861 Driver RGA  
1891 no Corporal Mahoney John Labourer 9623 Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers  
1895 yes L/Corporal Burke Henry Tailor 11438 Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers medals forfeited
1894 no L/Corporal O'Callaghan Michael Hotel Boots 10005 Private R. Munster Fusiliers  
1880 no L/Corporal Golden David Coal miner 7196 Private 1st Somerset LI  
1885 yes L/Corporal McGrath William Labourer 10674 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1889 no Private Barnacle Ignatius Labourer 10022 Private 2nd Connaught Rang. medals forfeited
1887 ? yes   Berry James Labourer 6858 Private 2nd Leinster Regt  
1896 yes   Brandon Thomas Labourer 10554 Private Royal Inniskilling Fus  
1894 no   Carr James Labourer 10063 Private 2 S Lancs Regt  
1890 yes   Carr Peter Fireman 47774 Gunner RFA Died 15/9/1918,
1886 no   Carroll James Labourer 7453 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1890 ? no   Collins Michael Labourer 11496 Private Royal Irish Fusiliers medals forfeited
1892 ? yes   Curry John Painter 11324 Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers medals forfeited
1890 no   Daly John Farm Labourer 10123 Private 2nd Connaught Rang. medals forfeited
1877 ? no   Davis John Labourer 3296 Private 1st Leinster Regt medals forfeited
1880 yes   Donoghue Thomas Glass maker 10161 Private 2nd S. Lancs Regt  
1885 ? yes   Dowling Michael Blacksmith 8117 Private 2nd Royal Irish Regt  
1896 yes   Forde Peter Groom 10664 Private 2nd Connaught Rang.  
1892 yes   Fulford John Waiter 8869 Private South Staffs Regt  
1884 yes   Greer John Railway Porter 7708 Private 2nd Royal Irish Rifles medals forfeited
1891 no   Harte Tom Labourer 3690 Private Leinster Regt  
1880 no   Holohan Patrick Engineers Steward 9877 Private 2nd Royal Irish Regt

Died in captivity.1916.

1896 yes   Kennedy James Labourer 10698 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1891 yes   Keogh Patrick Labourer 10771 Private Royal Irish Reg  
1881 yes   Long John Builders Labourer 8779 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1894 yes   Lynch Patrick Labourer 9513 Private Leinster Regt medals forfeited
1893 yes   McCabe James Labourer 1500 Private 2nd S Lancs Regt  
1894 yes   McCarthy Charles Labourer 10819 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1893 no   McDonagh Michael Saddler 9869 Private 2nd Leinster Regt medals forfeited
1892 no   McGrath Patrick Horse Trainer 6208 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1894 no   McGrath Thomas Labourer 10933 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1894 yes   McMahon Thomas Groom 10627 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1892 yes   Mallon John Coal miner 10598 Private 2nd Connaught Rang  
1893 yes   Meade Maurice Labourer 10271 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1883 yes   Murphy John Labourer 8445 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1883 yes   Murphy Daniel Labourer 7644 Private 2nd Connaught Rang medals forfeited
1892 yes   O'Callaghan Jeremiah Waiter 10844 Private 2nd Royal Irish Regt  
1882 no   O'Neill Patrick Labourer 8441 Private 2nd Connaught Rang  
1895 no   Rahilly Cornelius Clerk 10714 Privae Royal Irish Regt  
1886 no   Ryan Michael Labourer 7784 Private 2nd Connaught Rang  
1889 yes   Scanlon Robert Boilermaker 7576 Private 2nd R Irish Rifles Shot 1919, Munich
1886 yes   Sewell Frank Carpenter 3152 Private Irish Guards  
1884 no   Stacey Joseph Labourer 7895 Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers deserted,medals forfeit
1889 no   Sweeney Patrick Labourer 6937 Private 2nd Connaught Rang

Murdered Feb1919

1882 no   Sweeney John Gardener 10357 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1875 no   Tracey Thomas Labourer 5588 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1887 no   Waters Patrick Labourer 7582 Private Royal Irish Regt  
1896 yes   Wilson Thomas Labourer 11350 Private Royal Dublin Fusiliers forfeited, but restored


An extensive source of information at this NLI document

There are very few photographs of the Irish Brigade. They were not keen for photos to be published during the war, in case men were recognised and allowances stopped.


Casement's Irish Brigade