Father Canice O'Gorman, an Augusinian

Crotty and O'Gorman

Father O'Gorman on left of photo, Fatyher Crotty is in the centre

Father O'Gorman came directly from St Patrick's Church in Rome. The Vatican had only made him available for 2 months. He went back to Rome when Nicholson arrived. Apparently a professed Nationalist, little is found about his short stay with the Irish Brigade. He later became Commissary General of his order.

1872 Born

1914 Nov 21. reported to be with Von Wedal in Berlin

1914 Dec 8. a letter from C.[O'Gorman], Bayerischer Hof, Limburg an der Lahn (Germany), to 'my dear John' (Hagan in Irish College in Rome), reporting from the prisoner camp that he and (Father) Crotty are in, looking after the Irish Catholic prisoners. Brief remarks on Limburg, on the camp which is one mile outside of town and holds presently 383 prisoners excepting the French, and on Crotty, who will stay on as long as he is needed after O'Gorman has left, and whom he attests 'the most philosophical spirit'. Relating their attempt to hear as many confessions as possible now so that Crotty will not be under pressure– they can be with the prisoners for two hours in the afternoon. Conditions for them are described as fair. He remarks that Sir Roger Casement – 'a nice, courteous gentleman [and] very attentive to us' – is in the camp at the moment, but that their relations do not extend further. Commenting also that despite press reports to the contrary, Germany has not sent all its best soldiers to the front, but that a tBerlin and Limburg they saw large numbers of 'fine soldiers' and recruits.

1914 Dec 14. letter from C.[O'Gorman], Bayerischer Hof, Limburg an der Lahn, (Germany), to Hagan in Rome, explaining that he has had only one letter due to the slower courier system. Describing his work at the camp, where the prisoners 'are delighted to have our assistance and respond ever enthusiastically' – his mass the day before was attended by 140 men. Also remarking that 'on the whole they are very contented, and are grateful for having been snatched from the jaws of death'. Relating his and Fr.Crotty's visit at Balduinstein to Pfarrer Berkessel, a priest who spent 18 years at Rockwell College; on the train they were overheard speaking English, denounced and subsequently cross-examined. Also mentioning, for Fr.Dolan's information, that they visited the nearby Palottine College a few times. Thanking Hagan for the Corriere which arrives regularly. Unclear remark about 'the Party Candidate' having been beaten in a King's County division according to a German paper.

1916 Jan 18. He appears to have stayed only 6 weeks, leaving about this date. Casement had to give him money to make the trip back to Rome

1941 Died

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