Plunketts Diary during his time in Germany including translations and notes

I have made an attempt to decode Plunketts diary where I can, and those changes plus notes of mine are in italics

Wed. 17 March 1915
Left Dublin 8 o'c boat North Wall. City of Dublin Co's SS Carlow 1200 tons. Captain Williams. All lights out. G man.[G Division Special Branch man from DMP]

Thurs 18 Mar
Arrived Liverpool before 8 o'c Thurs. To PSN Co. and others Found all sailings to Spain cancelled. To Cooks. Decided to go overland through Paris to San Sebastian. To French Consul and got passport visa. Caught 11.25 train Central Station for London. Arrived London St. Paneras about 5 o'c. Saw Gerald Gurrin at his office and went to Victoria Sta. where luggage and person was searched and letters read. Left London 8 p.m. for Folkestone where boarded SS Arundel for Dieppe.

Friday 19 March
Arrived Dieppe in the small hours. Passports examined everywhere. Left Dieppe 6 a.m. Fri. and arrived Paris St. Lazare 9.50 a.m. Brought luggage to Quai D'Orsai and found I had 12 hours to stay in Paris. After an enormous dejeuner in the Gare Quai D'Orsay (more like a cathedral than a station.... with my sole piece of luggage (a black portmanteau) in the cloakroom, set out on my feet and my adventures. .... a little way up is a norrow street called Rue Campagne Premiere ... I went up the winding stairs and knocked at the first door. It was answered by Mrs. Stephens... Seumas Stephens is writing things about the war as he sees them.... Left Paris 9.50 p.m. travelled most uncomfortably all night as I could not get a " wagon-lit ".

Saturday 20th March
Also all next morning. Arrived at San Sebastian about 1 p.m. ...I walked about the town and disliked it profoundly.

Sunday 21 March
Still in San Sebastian I went to half eleven Mass on Sunday in a small church of the Capuchins beside the hotel. It reminded me of Mass at the same hour at Westland Row ... Before I left I called on the Jesuits at their church but could find no one to understand me... on Sunday my bronchitis was very bad and I had fever.

Monday 22 March
Still in San Sebastian On Monday worse

Tuesday 23 March
Still in San Sebastian I contrived to find a doctor with a few words of French.

Wednesday 24 March
Still in San Sebastian

Thursday 25 March
Still in San Sebastian

Friday 26th March
I was well enough to leave on Friday morning, through a strict regimen of quinine and creosote. When passing through London I had called on Gerald Gurrin to get Laurie to give me some introduction to San Sebastian. Gerald said he would get him to write to me but of course he never did. From Laurie's acount of his time in San Sebastian I didn't expect to get any recommendations from him. The result was that I was altogether alone and knew nobody. I was glad to take the train for Barcelona. I was to change trains at Zaragoza but owing to their peculiar timing the train left the station before I did, ..The lodgement I have secured (at 8 pts compris) is in the Fonda de Espana and it sure is. It is situated in the Calle de San Pablo not very far from the Plaza Catalina and there you have it. Of course it is new to me and I have some fever still but the rest must be real.

Saturday 27tt March
Barcelona Everyone in the town had bought palms on Sunday for the next day,

Sunday 28th March
Barcelona that was all I saw of Palm Sunday because next day I was not well enough to go out, thus missing Mass and my last chance of seeing a bull-fight. I saw what is built of the Cathedral of la Sagrada Familia .. 1 never saw anything in the least like it in stone before, nor don't expect to again.

Monday 29th March
Barcelona felt better and walked round a bit.n Also booked a passage in the Italian ship "SS Siena" for Genoa. Saw very little of Barcelona except from tram and cafe. Had to go to Italian Consul to get passport visa before getting boat tickets.

Tuesday 30th
Unexpectedly heard that the "Siena" would arrive at 7 p.m. and leave at 9. She did the first but not the second. It is now 11 p.m. and she is still loading so I'll have a drink and go to bed. " God bless everybody " as le Bon Ton [Wolfe Tone] used to say.

Wednesday 31March
We left sometime in the small hours and the voyage was uneventful until on Wednesday evening a shot was fired across our bows and we were hailed by a couple of French torpedo boats to heave-to or they'd sink us. We hove to. (We had to). After some inquiries and replies had passed we were graciously allowed to proceed which we did ...

Thurs 1st April
...until at about 2 a.m. all the passengers were hauled out of their bunk and ordered to proceed to the saloon passport in hand. This time it was a French warship which had boarded us and her officers were holding a proces-verbal in the saloon..... We arrived at Genoa about 1 p.m.and I went to the Hotel Meuble Splendide right in the centre of the town. Dined in the evening at the most modest restaurant I've ever been in ..

Good Friday 2nd April
Florence. Next morning took the train to Pisa and from there to Florence where I arrived about 5.30 p.m. Went to the Hotel Metropole recommended by Cooks as reasonable and good. It is both. Before dinner to the Poste Restante but got nothing. Dined with very good Chianti...

Holy Saturday April 3rd
Florence Still a bit tired and of course rather weak after my bout of fever... Went to No. 9 Via Torrebuoni where they told me Dr. Dunn [old friend from Cork] could be seen on Tuesday next...

Easter Sunday April 4th.
Florence To the Duomo where I got one or two Masses and heard very good singing.. .. About 5 pm. Charlie Dunn called ...Mrs. Dunn will call for me tomorrow between 5 and 5.30 p.m....

Easter Monday April 5th
Florence I must have caught a very bad chill last evening and have had to take enough chlorodyne to kill a regiment of artillery, also quantities of mixed Malaga and cognac. I could eat no dejuener and both ears are roaring. .....The Dunns came (Mrs, Miss and Ch) and we had a talk , then Mrs. Dunn asked me to dine with them tomorrow (Tuesday) of course I said I would and afterwards Charlie took me for a drive in the Cascine where we saw everybody coming back from the races. Then to caffe at Mucke's. I am to meet him at Mucke's tomorrow at 5.

Tuesday 6th April
Florence My heroic regimen (and a bottle of Lacrima Christi) has succeeded....Met Charlie at Mucke's also Besucci .... I am learn ing to spot Italian G-men.. ..a useful accomplishment. At 7 we went to fetch Dr. Dunn and drove to the Villa Alimari Pian dei Giallari where I gave them politics as a bad return for a good dinner....

Wednesday April 7th
Milan. Got renseignments, did a quick change stunt and bought a ticket to Lausanne.... took the 2.20 p.m. for Milan.... and arrived at Milan at 10 p.m. Went to Hotel Terminus, another quick change. This is a good and comfortable hotel.

Thursday April 8th.
Lausanne. Did nothing but eat in Milan, then left it by the 2.20 (or so) p.m. for Lausanne. Arrived Lausanne by P L M with no trouble from customs or passports. At 10 p.m. ..Went by taxi as it was raining to Hotel National small and moderate but quite comfortable. ....

Friday April 9th.
Berne. I seem destined to see nothing of Lausanne ... leave again by the 2 something, this time for Berne. .. Same day, later. I arrive at Berne beiore 5p.m. and go to the Hotel Bristol. .... Here endeth the first stage of my journey.

Saturday April 10th.
Berne... in the afternoon I go to see the " Hill of Rome " [German Embassy] but find only a hermit [ie not the ambassador] to whom I confide my cause and who, promising that he will seek the aid of Higher Powers bids me await with patience.....It snowed heavily and I spent 14 fr. on taxis.

Sunday April 11th 1915.
Berne. To 11.30 Mass at Dreifaltig Keitskirche Taubenstrasse I .. More heavy snow.

Monday April 12th.
Berne. The flower Patience flourishes on barren rock. I went in search of the Fine Arts Museum but of course it was shut....

Tuesday April 13th.
Berne. This morning I went to the German Embassy and saw The Ambassador, Herr Von Romberg who received me kindly and gave me good advice.... He also counselled Patience I am acquiring a deep respect for this lady.

Wednesday April 114th.
Berne. To nowhere and did nothing. Just waiting. Tomorrow I shall have to buy a book or something to keep me quiet.

Thursday April 15th.
Berne. Still waiting for news. Went on a bust in a book shop...

Friday April 16th.
Berne. Read ...

Saturday April 17th.
Just a month away today. Summoned. My waiting is over. I leave on Monday. Went and got photographed.... Now I am (temporarily) almost happy for the first time on my journey. I project things again.

Sunday April 18th.
Berne. To 10.30 Mass... Got my passport photographs. Very faithful and horrible...Went on my pilgrimage again and got my indulgence [passport] . Wrote to Moses [Aidan McCabe].

Monday April 19th.
Left Bern 11.45 a.m. Two hours wait at frontier but great courtesy. Then a little walk in the heat along a white and dusty road after a bossu with my portmanteau in a handcart, to the station. Got a through carriage but no wagon-lit. Train and train all day and night. Big towns and soldiers and soldiers and soldiers

Tuesday April 20th.
Berlin. A bit cramped but slept some. Arrived at 8.30 a.m. Motored to 76 Wilhelmstrasse; German Foreign Office. Too early. Excelsior Hotel to breakfast. Then a 10 franc hair-cut. To German Foreign Office again. Worth the wait. My only enemy in the world is Johann M. Peter of San Francisco [Plunketts travelling alias in Germany] . To German Foreign Office at 2pm. George Von Wedel received me and rang up Casement who said to come round. Went. While there Capt Boehm came and we had a few words. Casement said he would dine with me at Excelsior Hotel. He did and I met Virendranath Chattopadhyaya. Casement has flu. I am very tired and ankles all swollen as I have not been able to lie down for 40 hours.

Wednesday April 21st.
Berlin. Casement came in morning. Brought Quinlisk, Keogh and Dowling and we had a talk. At one p.m. I went to Casement's hotel to lunch and met Mdme la Comtesse Blucher. In afternoon he had to lie down and Capt. Boehm came later with Dr. Meyer. Then as he was not well he gave me a letter for George von Wedel and I went to German Foreign Office by myself. Had a long talk there. Quite satisfactory. Before I went I saw the marriage settlement [the agreement drawn up with German Government] and had also met Adler Christensen. In evening I found official telephone.

Thursday April 22nd
Berlin. Official called with papers for Peters [Plunkett's alias]. Left Excelsior. To Casement. Telephone from George von Wedel to go to Dept IIIb to see Nadolny. Motored there but he was too busy. Am to go tomorrow. Stayed with Casement.

Friday April 23rd.
Berlin. In morning Prof. Schiemann, University of Berlin came. Casement was up. Said he would see Keogh about Irish Brigade at Limburg. At 3.30 to Nadolny at no 8. Casement came later. Sketch [proposals] later. The pen-wiper is very good.

Saturday April 24th.
Berlin. Rain all day. In evg. H [? Chatterton-Hill] to tea. Talk all day. News still good. Bad tooth-ache.

Sunday April 25th.
Berlin. To 11.30 Mass by train. Sermon, Good weather. Sketch [Appraisal of Military Situation in Ireland] begun. Not satisfactory. Crab for lunch. Talk of Sicily in evening.

Monday April 26th.
Berlin. Appraisal of Military Situation in Ireland improving. News better. After lunch I choose rooms [ 42 Hardenbergstrasse in Berlin] . Good and cheap. Boehm to dinner, very cheerful. Off tomorrow at last, so all looks bright. (note- this is him moving from a hotel into the rooms he has found)

Tuesday April 27th
Berlin. Quinlisk and Dowling. Left Casement. Established in apartment 42 [Hardenbergstrasse]. Bought bag. Lang, prof.[no idea who this is] Italian lesson. Unpacked.

Wednesday April 28th
Berlin. Appraisal of Military Situation in Ireland. Purchases. Lang. prof.

Thursday April 29th.
Berlin. Heremon MacLughaidh. Casement to 42 Hardenbergstrasse in evening. Great talk. (note- sons of Lughaidh were both slain during the first year of their joint reign, then followed the battle of Ollarbha, A.D. 285, when the House of Heremon, in the person of Fiacha Srabhteine (ancestor of The O'Neill, of Tyrone), resumed its place on the Irish Throne - so it could just be an alegorical reference) Note - at some point he met "after some delay", according to his sister, the German Chancellor, Theobald von Bethmann-Hollweg, I am not able to see when that meeting was, from the codes used.

Friday April 30th.
Berlin. Mums birthday. To Casement. in morning, long talk. Stayed to supper.

---the diary now changes to Irish, and has been very kindly translated for me. I understand the Plunkett's Irish is a bit "old fashioned" and stilted. My feeling is that he was not a notaive speaker, and switched to Irish to stop people, be they German or Casement, reading his words. In addition he uses a pseudo code to disguise who people are,

Saturday 1 May
Berlin. I did not go out today

Sunday 2 May.
Berlin. Very wet. I was ill and I couldn't go to Mass. With Casement from 12 noon to 1-30. Home and reading poetry. With Casement again in the afternoon from 5. Good long talk with him and he is a good storyteller. At 7.30  Capt. Boehm. He says that my advice about Limburg was correct. He says I should write it down quickly.

Monday 3 May.
Berlin. Working. Writing from morning until 6 o'c. I have written half of it. With Casement. Had another good long talk. Dinner with Casement

Tuesday 4 May.
Berlin. Working. I wrote from morning to 5pm.  I was tired. Capt Boehm at 5. He read what I had been writing and he says it is fine. With Casement again and another long discussion. Dinner with Iolar Bán MacGiolla Chríost [Iolar= eagle, bán = white, surname could be Gilchrist. Plunkett refers to him a number of times]

Wednesday 5 May.
Berlin. Working again. When the document was finished I wrote a long letter to Casement (truthfully for Nadolny's benefit.) and I gave the document and letter to Section IIIb [Nadolny]. Thanks be to God.

Thursday 6 May.
Berlin. With Casement at noon and again in afternoon. Tomorrow I'll be going to Limburg POW Camp. I finished the poem The Lady Elect (I started writing it on 28 April).

Friday 7 May
Limburg. At 8 o'clock with Boehm . Went with Quinlisk and Dowling to Limburg an Lahn. 12 o'clock catch the train. Two letters, to Father Nicholson and Father Crotty. Father Nicholson there.

Saturday 8 May
Limburg. Father Nicholson there in the morning. Talk. Meeting out in the air. Dinner under the stars (a lie! ). Lots of beer. 18 recruits today.

Sunday 9 May
Limburg. Mass at the Catholic Church. Meeting with Quinlish, Dowling & Keogh. After that with Father Nicholson at his own house. Meeting with him. Back again and lots of beer. Out again with him and walking to Father Crotty. Talk. Dinner under the stars with Capt Boehm. I wrote a letter to Casement. I wrote a political document. 18 recruits today.

Monday 10 May
Limburg. Went to see Father Crotty at 4 and 6. He wasn't there. Back again and lots of beer. See Father Nicholson with Quinlisk, Dowling & Keogh. Dinner under the stars with Capt Boehm. Last night I told a story to my Big Bird (Éan Mór), and now he says he will write a letter in the morning to the camp. 10 recruits today.

Tuesday 11 May
Limburg. Went to see Father Crotty at 2. He was there Talk and walk to the bridge. Back again and lots of beer. With Father Nicholson up to the top of the hill.... adsit omen [Latin - is that an omen]. Dinner with Capt Boehm under the stars. (piddock, ocarina, etc) [piddock is a shellfish & ocarina is a little goose] Credit System. 5 recruits today.

Wednesday 12 May
Limburg. I wrote a letter to Casement. Father Nicholson . I wrote the Declaration. Casement came here at 7.30 at night. I walked to his hotel. Talk. Back with him to Capt Boehm for dinner. Talk and lots of beer. 5 recruits today.

Thursday 13 May
Limburg. Feast of the "Ascension"  At a meeting for advice at 10 in the morning in Capt Boehm's room after that with Quinlisk, Dowling & Keogh.  afterwards a meeting with Father Nicholson and Father Crotty. Capt Boehm and I walked to visit the Irish prisoners. Talk with the Irish prisoners so far recruited. Dinner with Capt Boehm, Father Nicholson and Casement. Lots of discussion..

Friday 14 May
Limburg. Casement to Frankfurt and c for business Weather very wet, stormy

Saturday 15 May
Limburg. Capt Boehm and Casement to Irish Prisoners camp. Talk to the potential recruits. (this is the speech Casement makes to the whole camp on this day). Wrote the editorial about John Bull. Big bet between me and Casement (2 pence). (Dec. the reason)

Sunday 16 May
Limburg. At mass in the Church 11 in the morning with Quinlisk. Afterwards a meeting.

Casement and I went by the train to see Father Berkessel. at Balduinstein. Very good poteen and wine. Walk to the Big Castle. Sweet music. The church with nine Irish men. Back 7.30 in the evening

At dinner with myself, Casement. Capt Boehm and Capt von Lubbers came from the camp. Big talk. At night I read a book by Liam MacUidir the King on Irish Freedom. My leg was sore with gout. 5 recruits today

Monday 17 May
Limburg. Casement came to me in the morning with letters, I won the big bet (2 pence). Now. Meeting with Casement, Father Berkessel and Capt von Lubbers and Father Nicholson and after that with Casement and Capt Boehm. Talking and talking and drinking. At dinner news about the new recruits. I will stay here now another week

Tuesday 18 May
Limburg. Casement came to me in the morning. Meeting with him and Father Nicholson. Then Father Nicholson and I walked to his house and to the wood. Big talk. Dinner with Capt Boehm and Casement. Meeting about a plan of campaign

Wednesday 19 May
Limburg. The new recruits didn't get to the train [I think this is referring to the transfer of the new recruits to Zossen, which finally took place 3 weeks later]. A bad thing. Capt Boehm angry. Meeting with Casement afterwards with Father Nicholson. Casement took the train to M[unich]. He was very gloomy. Father Nicholson again. Dinner with Capt Boehm and meeting afterwards. Talk with the Quinlisk, Dowling & Keogh (174,000 GEF).

Thursday 20 May
Limburg. A group of Irish at the table and they left. Myself at the fence. Capt Boehm with the new recruits. Father Nicholson. Rome and ?Vienna with U.S. (10,000 GEF today).

Friday 21 May
Limburg. Rome's famous pro-cathedral. John Bull and the Pope removed Fisher from the position of First Sea Lord. Father Crotty was out. Father Nicholson and I walking the roads and talking (GEF 194,000). [Note - Earl Fisher resigned as British First Sea Lord on 15 May 1915 amidst bitter arguments with the Winston Churchill, over Gallipoli, causing Churchill's resignation too. ]

Saturday 22 May
Limburg. Talk with Quinlisk, Dowling & Keogh early in the morning. At the printers. The printing isn't done yet. At Father Crotty and walking with him. The printing of the documents done. Father Nicholson. MacEochaidh ( Haughey?, horseman?) and the papers from the French . I wrote a poem. The Mask.

Sunday 23 May
Limburg. Pentecost. Mass 11 o'clock at the little church with Quinlisk. Meeting with Father Nicholson and we walked. Coffee at his house. At dinner talk with an Englishman who tells me that the Italians are beating the Austrians.

Monday 24 May
Limburg. The news is true. A letter came from Father Nicholson . I wrote to Casement. (the pope). Nicholson goes to to Balduinstein to see Father Berkessel. I composed a ballad. The weather is too hot

Tuesday 25 May
Limburg. Left. Nothing except talk with Quinlisk, Dowling & Keogh and Father Nicholson. I'm drinking and smoking. I'm  not doing anything else at all.

Wednesday 26 May
Limburg. (25,000 g.) The recruits for Irish Brigade at Limburg Camp. Wine with Father Nicholson. (big ships)

Thursday 27 May
Limburg. News about English Parliament and the Carson  appointment came from Casement. Father Nicholson came and he and I went with him to the holy sisters. Big discussion for two hours and they gave me books - stories and poems - (George Moore and Browning and Christina Rossetti). Another big ship and 4800g. Very hot. (note- On 25 May 1915, Asquith appointed Carson Attorney-General when the Coalition Government was formed after the Liberal government was brought down by the Shell Crisis) 

Friday 28 May
Limburg. (12000g)   An excuse from Capt Boehm. He'll be here tomorrow afternoon. I'm reading Christina Rossetti. Father Nicholson there. (note- Christina Rossetti was an English poet who wrote a variety of romantic, devotional, and children's poems )

Saturday 29 May
Limburg. Reading Browning. Father Nicholson there. Capt Boehm came. Letter and book and papers from Casement (Rhoda Fleming, a novel by George. Meredith) Dinner with Capt Boehm. Talk of the news from England.

Sunday 30 May
Limburg. Mass in the little church with DowlingCasement came at 2pm (Meeting with Capt Boehm & he walked to Fr.)  Talk with Capt Boehm and Father Nicholson.  Walking & lots of chat.  Casement took a train to Frankfurt.

Monday 31 May
Limburg. Meeting with Capt Boehm.  Casement came back from FrankfurtFather Nicholson there. Talk with 153 undecided Irish prisoners.  Cadenus Gobhanchloc at dinner, Casement and Capt Boehm. Letter for Casement from D. (cadenas could be an odd spelling of ceadúnas = permission ; Gobhanchloc ..cloc is a stone, there's a story about a mason called the Gobán Saor)

Tuesday 1 June
Limburg. With Casement on the train to Frankfurt.  Lovely town.  I saw Charlemagnes house.  Was there from 2.15 until 11.25 at night.  Casement back at 4am.  I was on the train the whole night (in the afternoon at Bean Mar).  News about 42,000 & Prs & Str & London.

Wednesday 2 June
Berlin. To 42 Hardenbergstrasse in Berlin (note - his lodgings) at 8.30am.  Cigar. Iolair McGiolla Chriost (the Eagle). I was asleep & did not wake up.

Thursday 3 June
Berlin. Wrote letters to Casement, Virendranath Chattopadhyaya & Father Nicholson.  Hurried to German Foreign Office.  I saw George von Wedel.  Gave him letter from Casement and my book.  He said I would be working in the wings.   News from  Prs again.   Big walk.  I wrote ballad "Dolores Paloma".  2nd cigar.

Friday 4 June
Berlin. Writing the ballad. “Its a sharp curve that goes backwards.”

Saturday 5 June
Berlin. Hand written letter from Richard Meyer.  Went to German Foreign Office & I saw Richard Meyer.  To I Bhi (or I V) & I saw Choch.  He gave me a passport.  Back again & with Iolair to Foreign  Office.  (Bread card)

Sunday 6 June
Berlin. To Mass in the morning (but it wasn’t right) but was in afternoon.  At 6 in the evening went to German Foreign Office & talk with Richard Meyer about the school extension.  Nadolny said the cause was right but that my life was a big “love”. I will keep a good eye on it.   Maybe I will wait for Casement's advice. .

Monday 7 June
Berlin. Very early in the morning, I finished the poem (1am/2am). "The Spark" with laughter on our lips . Letter from Casement for "the eagle".  He will be here in the morning.  Cigar & fish.  News from Casement.

Tuesday 8 June
Berlin. Casement came early in the morning from LimburgFather Nicholson is going overseas.  With Casement to German Foreign Office and saw Richard Meyer. (note - Father Nicholson returned to USA on 15th Jun)

Wednesday 9 June
Berlin. Feast of St Columba.  Back to Coch.  Not a thing to do.  With Casement until 8.  Capt Nadolny & the"bald headed" on the reason for decision.  Again nothing being done.  Tomorrow to German Foreign Office for advice meeting with George von Wedel.

Thursday 10 June
Berlin. The advice meeting first with Casement. At George von Wedel’s about 4pm.  Bad thing.  No decision will be made without a word from "Jacob"  Wait a while.  Capt Boehm came from Limburg for the meeting.

Friday 11 June
Berlin. Waiting.  Dinner with Casement at C’s.  Adler Christensen to D.

Saturday 12 June
Berlin. Waiting

Sunday 13 June
Berlin. Mass in the Louis church at 11.30.  From 1pm with Casement  To 26.  Meeting with Adele from N and Gussam.  Playing & writing a poem in the book.  God is good.

Monday 14 June
Berlin. Casement at German Foreign OfficeAdler Christensen came from D in the morning.

Tuesday 15 June
Berlin. Back to 26 & meeting with Adele o N & Gus.  She gave me a flower. She's a good thing. With Casement to German Foreign Office Richard Meyer. blood

Wednesday 16 June
Berlin. Me at 8 in the morning (for the reason) of a passport. Nothing at all to be done. Meeting with Casement. Boehm came.  German Foreign Office. Richard Meyer.

Thursday 17 June
Berlin. Three months today since leaving Ireland. At German Foreign Office in the morning. Waiting one hour. George von Wedel & Richard Meyer & O.R. & a man from the secretary's room. With Casement

Plunketts Diary ends here

There is some evidence to say that

Friday 18 Jun 18 Casement accompanies Plunkett and Father Nicholson for Plunkett and Nicholson to say goodbye to the men. Nicholson was returning to New York, and Plunkett to Ireland. This comes from Keogh and may not be correct

Saturday 19 June. Plunkett leaves German bound for Berne, Switzerland carrying a German passport issued to him by the German Foreign Office in the name of James Motley Pinkerton. He crossed the German Swiss border at Singen, and picked up his own papers there in the name of Plunkett. He certainly had reached Berne by 25th June as aletter from the German Ambassador to Berlin confirms he had already been there to return the false German passport and pick up some papers.


Plunkett in Germany