Ferdinand Hansen opened. America's first retail caviar shop on the ground floor of the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel and made a fortune from caviar before WW1. See Straits Times

FBI files show he was born 16 Aug 1869. Entered USA in 2 May 1886 and on 26 Mar 1891 was naturalised.

He was in Germany 19 Oct 1915 till 3 Mar 1923

1915 Jun 20 Friends of Peace meeting in New York

1916 Oct 1. New York Times carrys story about Jerimiah O'Leary. It says that he is running "American Truth Society", the most violent of the pro-German organisations in New York. He wries a letter to President Wison, signed by the people above, including Hansen

1918 Nov 12. O'Toole tells Gaffney that Keogh and Kavanagh want to get Gaffney replaced by Hansen, a German-American, as their "leader".

1922 Sep 28. New York Times reports on attempts to remove citizenship from Hansen

1938 Jan 8. Atricle in Sydney Morning Herald

In WW2 he was subject to an arrest warrent suspected of pro nazi activiites