Corporal Louis Hahn

Corporal Hahn arranged the mens work at Danzig as well as translating. His English appears much better than Zerhusen's and he appeared to have kept out of the politics of the Irish Brigade more then Zerhusen. Zerhusen did not like Hahn, and saw hin as a threat.

1915 Oct 24. Hahn writes to Casement that he is having problems with Cpl Mahoney and L/C Burke. Mahoney was AWOL for a day and got 3 days imprisonment and he also lost his stripes on the recommendation of Keogh and the sergeants. The authorities refused to sanction the loss of stripes, but Hahn was asking Casement to sanction this action. L/C Burke got 3 days in prison and last week went into hospital as he had a "peculiar attack of deranged mind"

1916 Jul 24. Hahn to Gaffney reporting that Burkes conduct gets worse day by day. "He seems to get mad"

1917 Jan 14. Hahn to St J Gaffney. Reports that there are 29 men in the camp and that he hopes to send the 8 men away soon. He mentions debts of Fulford, McCabe, P Carr and Long, and asks Gaffney to settle them directly with the Camp Commandant.

1917 Jan 30. Hahn to Gaffney. Talks about "problem" men

1917 Mar 18. Hahn tells Gaffney that he has advanced Keogh 4 months pay on Keogh's insistance, but Hahn says he will not advance Keogh more money without written approval of Gaffney each time.

1917 Aug 24. Hahn writes to Gaffney. Keogh got 8 days punishment, suspended if his behaviour is good. Keogh appears to have been punished for an excursion to Limburg.

1917 Oct 20 Dowling writes to Mrs Grabisch. He complains about Hahn, saying that Hahn is a friend of the West Britons such as Keogh. Dowling suggests that Hahn is removed, and that Dowling and Zerhusen run the Brigade affairs.

1917 Oct 24. Hahn to Gaffney. 8 "bad" men are to be removed to a "prisoner's camp". Only 8 men were left at Danzig-Troyal camp at this date.

1917 Nov 4. Hahn informs Gaffney that 10 men are to be sent to VI Corps in Breslau. And in addition Hahn had written to a Mr Fischer in Munich about the employment of 6 men.

1918 Apr 8. Hahn to Gaffney. Because a few of the men at Dirschau have behaved badly, all 16 men there have been put under special control

1918 May 28. Mrs Grabisch writes to Hahn about pending trial of Keogh. She says that the hotel bill has been settled and that Gaffney would speak on Keogh's behalf at his trial.

1918 Sep 27. Hahn asks Gaffney to arrange a transfer back to Irish Brigade as he has heard that Zerhusen has also been transferred away.

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Appearing in the same Bremen militiary books as Zerhusen is his man : Heinrich Louis Hahn Birth: 4 Dec 1881at Wilmerschausen Kr. Bremen . I have no idea if this is our man or not