Eivind Adler Christensen

NLI Portrait of Christensen

Christensen was involved in 'the Findlay affair' of 1914, named after the British Minister in Christiania. He also used aliases, for example Olaf Olsen

1890 May 3 Born Moss Norway. his parents being Emil Aksel Christensen and Henrietta Brynildsen. (Ancestry Tree)

1909 Arrived in USA (If 1920 man in census is correct)

1910 census at Philadelphia Ward 31, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He is a boarder

1911 May 1. Married to Sadie Anne Weaver in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

1911. A child born to him.Albert Aksel Christensen

Christensen was Casement's bodyguard and guide, and was approached and offered £5,000 and immunity from the law in writing, by the British Ambassador, Mansfeldt Findlay, if he would betray his employer. He apparently didn't betray Casement.

Christensen appears to have been the homosexual consort of Casement. and is believed by some authors to have betrayed him to the British; and indeed Christensen may have been a British plant from the start, but I have not seen that established.

One source says he dies in Moss, Norway in 1926. Child Margarethe, born on 18 February 1917. They were living in Berlin as late as the early 1930's.

1915 Nov 20 Arrives in New York from Bergen, Norway.

1920 USA Census in San Francisco with wife Margaret and child Margaret. An Ancestry tree shows him marrying Margarethe Werschmidt

1928 Apr 7. Arrives in Canada from Bremen, Germany. He is an engineer.

1929 A child Rudolph born . At one point he had a third marriage to Hedwig Kreppner in Ebelsbach, Germany



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